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Specialty Items : Automatic Eurovan Aftermarket Cooler Kit

Price: $290.00

Product Description:

This cooler kit is a stand-alone cooler to replace the factory oil-to-water cooler. The Eurovan automatic transmission has known problems of running too hot and producing a torque converter lockup code. This lockup code is a result of the transmission fluid running at too high of a temperature. The Eurovan automatic return cooler flow, dumps right into the lockup valve in the valve body to keep the casting from expanding too much because of heat. When the casting of the valve body gets too hot, it allows fluid to bypass the valve, which, in turn, causes the torque converter to slip, thus producing the torque converter lockup code.

With this cooler kit installed, transmission temperatures are running 40-50 degrees F. cooler. It also, keeps your engine running cooler because you are eliminating the engine from the transmission. This kit comes with, the adaptors for the transmission, all the necessary hardware and brackets to install it, cold-weather bypass, and the cooler lines. This stand-alone cooler mounts right in front of the AC condenser to receive cool air flow, both cruising and in stop-and-go traffic.

Product Details

Years:1992 - 2004 Transmission:Automatic Category:Transmissions

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