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VW Vanagon 3 speed auto cooler kit (external)

This external cooler eliminates the OEM cooler which tend to fail and cause catastrophic failure to both the automatic section and your cooling system. Our cooler set up reduces oil temps by 20 degree

VW Vanagon 3 speed auto cooler kit (trans mount)


For the VW purest. This cooler is a major upgrade from the stock oil cooler that is prone to failure, causing severe transmission and engine cooling damage. This cooler fits in the same location as the stock cooler and requires no extra plumbing. 

As parts go obsolete and business's search for solutions, it's great when advances in technology from the past 20 years can be incorporated into the designs of replacement products. Stock transmission coolers utilized engine coolant run in proximity to automatic transmission fluid, risking harmful fluid mixing and requiring expensive coolant hoses. The Heat Sink is a compact, efficient solution that provides superior cooling. Automatic transmission fluid runs through the various passages to the cooling panels with four times the surface area of the stock cooler. The part tucks up above the transmission mount where the stock cooler was mounted.

 Keep in mind that these transmissions do not require significant cooling. 84 and older models did not even use a cooler on this same transmission. And this same transmission (automatic section only) is also the one that was used in 87 to 92 Jetta's, again with no cooler. The stock cooler actually runs warm coolant through it. Testing of new cooler, with fluid temp gauge attached, shows improved temperature both while run under heavy load and while vehicle is running but not in motion. With higher horsepower engines, there is more need for cooling transmission fluid so this product would be particularly recommended in those applications.